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Our agricultural estate

Agriturismo Pesolillo in the 50ies
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Discover our corner of Abruzzo

Tenuta Agricola Pesolillo was founded in 1961 when grandfather Domenico, a humble, hard-working man who was a farmer from generations, understood the viticultural potential of the wonderful “Colle Rotondo” area, just at the outskirts of the ancient city of Chieti,
hidden on the gentle hills, by the Adriatic seaside.
With great dedication and passion, he initiated the vineyards of Montepulciano and then of Pecorino, which, as of today, account for a total of 12 hectares, along with these, he couldn’t resist adding a good number of olive groves near them.
The location of the estate (200 m above sea level) and the territory on which the vineyards extend, guarantees the vines a microclimate made of strong thermal changes, decent sea breeze, and an optimal sun exposure that favors an excellent ripening of the grapes, a natural health of the bunches and the formation of aromas and scents that are an
expression of environmental context, naturally suited to the cultivation of the vine.
We can define ourselves “BIOLOGICAL BY VOCATION” from the very early days, due to these natural territorial peculiarities.
In 2015, the family decided to start the official process of recognition of the natural territorial peculiarity of the Pesolillo Estate that was subsequently certified as Organic by ICEA (Institute of Environmental Ethical Certification).

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The cellar

The grapes produced by our vineyards have always been vinified in our family cellar and, as well as all the other stages of the wine-making are carried out within our family premises, with the same old, great passion and the same dedication.

Today, after so many years of hard work and dedication, during which, the Pesolillo family has taken care of the entire wine production chain, from the land to the bottle, it’s time to share the uniqueness of its products and tell the international community, a new story made of love for the territory and good custody of the farming, agricultural traditions of the Abruzzo region.

The reason why you will fall in love with our farmhouse

A wonderful landscape
The rolling hills and rows of vines accompany your gaze from the sea to the mountains, while you relax by the pool

Genuine tastes
Our vocation for organic exalts recipes and ingredients strongly anchored to traditional Abruzzo cuisine on the table

Our products at your home
The wine, oil and even beer that you taste accompanying our dishes are on sale in our farm and online

Relax in the countryside
Rooms and apartments ideal for those who prefer a relaxing holiday just a few minutes from the sea and the mountains.

Vocated to organic

ICEA Certified products

Oganic product

The roots of our company are linked to respect for the territory, its enhancement, and the sustainability of production.

From 2015 it was decided to start the path that will lead the farm to be controlled and certified Organic by ICEA (Institute of Environmental Ethical Certification)
The use of only natural substances for fertilization, no herbicides and no synthetic fungicides is the working method we reserve for our land.

We continue to work as our grandparents did for the production of vegetables, legumes, olives and grapes that you can find in our restaurant menus, tomato preserves, pasta made with eggs from our hens, extra virgin olive oil olive, and wines with low sulphite content.

The organic cultivation method is a philosophy that makes us proud of our work and our products.

Discover our organic products

Members of Federazione FIVI

The wine we produce is the result of our work, of the vinification of our grapes, grown in the vineyards of our estate. This makes us winemakers and part of the FIVI family, sharing these principles.

Being a FIVI member subjects us to rigorous checks that we are happy to support, proud to demonstrate the value of being a winemaker in Abruzzo.